Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Do and Dont's

"Ops!! Mummy can I play games at your Hand phone" or "Mummy please buy for me a Hand phone"..."Mummy give me the Ipad and I want to watch Ultraman, please..please.." Hurmm..This all dialog will come out from my Kids everyday and every time. This time when i thinking it mistake..Oh No..Our mistake ( forgot to include my husband )..

At first, we thought that giving them ipad and playing hand phone just to keep them quiet, so we both can do our own work.

Day by day, months to seem getting worse and worse..I'm talk to myself  " need something to be done now.."

Ohh..Image result for symbol of light....Image result for smiley faceI got something that make them to stop playing the gadgets..I'm starting googles in the I'm starting a List Do and Don't from what that i learn from the internet...


  1. Spend more time with them
  2. Pay more attention to them
  3. Create a creative activity at home such as craft so it will helping them for learning i share some website that very useful to me and perhaps to other parents.. or can follow their Instagram @teachpreschool 
  4. Every day when our kids come back from nursery try to spend time to teach them Image result for abc for only 5 minutes.
  5. Important things as Muslim, do together "Solat" with our kids. Image result for sujud cartoon 


  1. Give them Ipad or hand phone to stop them crying
  2. Parent playing the game in front of them ( my husband use to be games lover )
  3. In Courage them play together by downloading game at hand phone or Ipad

Well, perhaps this will help other parents as a guide line and i come out with this list because my experience and no turning back if we not prevent it now.. Insya Allah..always Solat and Pray for our Kids...